Founder/ Creative Director

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  As the founder and Creative Director of WOW Ideas Design Company, Kevin Goh serves as the creative conscience for all the company’s projects and guides the creative development for each project at every stage from inception to completion, working with his team of designers, artists, copywriters and illustrators to help clients visualize their dreams. He always strives for developing high quality original artwork.

  As a graphic design graduate, he ended up in construction field doing sculptures. Through years of learning and experience in construction industry, he had mastered the basic fundamentals of sculpting, moulding, casting and even wielding. His experience and knowledge in construction industry were implemented into design artwork that could be translated into buildable structures. His capability in design and even direct and advice in details on how to build from scratch till completion of design and build project is acknowledged in this industry.


  15 years in themed design field and still counting, he had completed numerous design and build projects around Asia & Middle east. He also led a team in operating and management of a few self-owned cafes and museums.




The Wow effect that you see & get is the gift of our talents, meticulous planning by our thinkers and the labour of love from our team.  At Wow Ideas, our procedural brainstorming session, conceptual & design development and schematic design are not left to chance.

Every project starts with a brainstorm session, which challenges us to discover new possibilities and present a range of strategically-driven creative solutions. At this point, goals, needs and requirements are discussed. These parameters are refined to arrive at clear strategic objectives of what the concept needs to achieve in order to be successful.
What to expect?
• Workshop meetings.
• Black & White sketches.
• Sample Images.
• Summary of workshop meetings.
From the big idea, we design, write, plan and budget the project. We turn the amazing ideas into plans, artwork and storyboard that are easy to understand. Footprints and location of attractions and core components will be mapped out to indicate the usage of space. The plan will determine the success of the project.
What to expect?
• Master Plan with Indicative dimensions of floor space.
• Conceptual Design of attractions and core components.
• Perspective renderings from various angles.
At this stage we bring design concepts to the table. Graphics, illustrations and sketches will be drawn. Simple plans and elevations are produced to represent relationships among spaces and the basic envelope space. Design options will be presented in the form of 3D built format for better visualization of different routes the project would take.
What to expect?
• 3D build base on concepts
• To scale 3D rendering images
The culmination of all the previous stages, lead to the creation of the Schematic Design. The drawings are refined in regards to details and methods. Materials are figured out how everything fits together. Information from other consultants is developed and coordinated with the design drawings. Specifications for materials, appliances, assemble details, and relevant code information will be incorporated into the project.
What to expect?
• Scaled & dimentional Schematic drawings of Attractions, Themed Facades & General Areas.
• Architectural Layouts.
• Scaled cross-section and elevation architectural drawings.
• Specifications for materials, colour palette and sample boards.